Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring in AZ

Thought I would try to get in to the world of blogging, from the land of AZ.
I do enjoy writing, as well many other things, so I'll share musings about the good things in life; mostly visual. An occasional tune , book title, or recipe may pop up along the way, too.
This image is from a late season storm, along a favorite road , just outside of Sedona.
It's a pastel, and will be included in an exhibition back in NY. Out of the blue, I was invited to be in a group show; just when a couple of other shows did not materialize. Things do move in mysterious ways. This will be a nice opportunity to show a few pieces side by side; Northeast with new Southwest.


  1. Gorgeous painting! Fun that you are now blogging. I enjoy being able to "publish" new pieces as soon as I have finished them on my art blog.

  2. What a wonderful piece, Christine. And love the colors of the blog, good work!

  3. Christine,
    Having visited the land of AZ in April, I can now see why you're wild about the landscape there! We spent just a couple of hours in Sedona, and the hills around there are spectacular. Also, we hiked in Superstition Mountains, which were covered in yellow coreopsis...incredible, as was the weather...

  4. I finally get to met you virtually. Beautiful work. Greetings from your former home in Tillson.

  5. Saw an article in NY Art Times while out there last week that indicated you were going to out east teaching in July. It will be interesting to see how your interpretation of AZ light compares to Woodstock.