Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inspiration From Out of the Void

"Harvest Moon Memory" oil on panel, 9x12

Several weeks ago while listening to NPR I heard an interesting story about a ten -year old girl who had discovered a Super Nova. "Wow" I thought ; "How wonderfully exciting for her", and I got very excited. It sounded like this young lady is definitely headed for a very bright future in the sciences.
The funny thing is, that my enthusiasm carried over in to the studio, and I began to see things with fresh eyes. I had a very good start on a new painting that I had wanted to get going on. ( We all know that it does not always go well). And, later that day I learned that I had been invited to teach a workshop in another state. What a great day!
The experience really brought to focus the whole concept of a healthy interest in, and cheering on of others in the same field, versus competition and jealousies. It is human nature to feel envy; I admittedly have when I learn of an acquaintance winning a major award, particularly if I had been rejected from the same show.I've also been on the receiving end of resentment for my own good fortune. It really isn't any fun, either. But, I must say that I've been getting much better at dealing with those feelings.
It feels so much better to express genuine happiness with another's success. I honestly do get excited when I learn of a colleague's achevements; even more so when it's a personal friend. And, I now know that the "sharing" of good feelings can translate to productive creativity.
By the way, the young astronomer's name is Kathryn Gray, and she is encouraged by her Dad, who is also in the field. He certainly cheered her on. And, she in turn, really inspired me to carry on in my own work to help celebrate this universe full of wonder.
The above painting was done from memory. I had been out with a good friend ( we're always enthusiastic about one another's kudos) one evening, and witnessed the moon rising above a favorite orchard. Gorgeous!
The next day, I painted this, drawing upon my plein air nocturne work, and the numerous studies done in similar orchards.
So, the next time you may feel jealous pangs when someone has turned out a spectacular work, or sold a large series of work, or even won accolades in a completely unrelated field, celebrate along with them. You never know what the ripple effect may be.


  1. Great story, Christine! And a nice painting, too!

  2. I like! Great Christine!

    Frank - Italy.