Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ups and Downs

Riding my bike is something I've always enjoyed; it's a plus that there are health benefits.

When we moved to Arizona, I didn't count on there being so many hills let alone that we would be living on a hillside...I suppose that it's good I have a nice down hill ride if I want to go any where. When I do get to my destination, there's an " uh-oh"when I think about the ride back.

"Black Hills study", plein air pastel
This art career, and surely, life in general follows a path of ups and downs. This spring has especially been a roller coaster ride. A joint project that I had high hopes for fell through, a workshop at a popular art school was cancelled, another joint showing opportunity was nixed, plus the usual rejection, and, of course, absolutely dismal ( well, nonexistent) art sales.

Amazingly, and wonderfully, other opportunities materialized almost immediately!
A new friend invited me to partner with her on an exciting project. Two established galleries asked me to participate in their new season group shows. I won a best in show at the Arizona Pastel Artist's exhibition. I won a top award at the Pastel West Coast exhibition. Another friend
suggested that we apply next year for a joint show. Another, dear, fabulous artist friend will be visiting , to scout out local galleries with me.
And then there are the every day blessings. I revel in the blue skies , big vistas, and brilliant sunshine. I'm thankful every day that I'm in the beautiful studio, and that I have a wonderfully supportive mate, a beautiful son, and as aforementioned, great friends.
It's nice to live on a hillside.

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  1. Beautiful moody painting! You seem to be dealing well with the ups and downs. I am certainly familiar with them too. As you may know I have been working on a Glacier Art Project, and to my vexation and surprise one of my glaciers erupted and transformed itself into a volcano: Eyjafjallajoekull in Iceland. The ash stranded two of my cousins in Finland who were supposed to visit me....
    For more about this story see my website: